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Sep 27, 2012 1:30am EDT
-track player. i love eight-track players. sebak: there's virginia dundas, who sells vintage clothes, among other things... it is coat time of year. thanks. bye. ...boma cho from cameroon, who plays guitar while selling art and t-shirts, and evelyn dye-garcia, who's got a good mix of funky stuff. dye-garcia: i always bring something i call my "titillater" that everybody will look at. the leopard chair's my titillater today. i sold three of them last week, so i brought one more this week. olivo: my part of the business, anyway, is i pretty much sell recycled memories. dye-garcia: i used to have an antique shop, and my daughter worked in my shop, and so, she's down here doindoing what mama showed her how to do from an early age. say "hi," baby. [ laughing ] my favorite place to go with my dad was thmp. that was my favorite place as a little girl. i liked to go to the dump. so, i don't know. maybe -- i must have been doing this in a former life, too, because i was always interested. i had garage sales when i was in high school. olivo: when i was 16, i had a friend in high school who had a hous
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1